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March birthstone – aquamarine

Aquamarine is the birthstone of those born in March and it symbolises youth, happiness, hope and beauty. The fresh light colour of blue radiates positivity as we enter the lighter and warmer months going into spring.

Famed for millennia for its pure and even blue or blue-green colour, potentially large size, and sparkling clarity, aquamarine has been a valued gem to many cultures. Aquamarine is a variety of the gem species beryl, making it a close cousin of emerald. 

The word “aquamarine” is a direct reference to its colour. It is a marriage of the two Latin words aqua, which simply means “water”, and marina, which means “of the sea”. As the name suggests, much of the lore surrounding the stone connects to the ocean. 

Aquamarine is not only a March birthstone but also is the gemstone that is given to celebrate a 19th wedding anniversary so this can be the perfect gift for more than one celebration.

The pieces pictured are available from CMJ suppliers – from left, an aquamarine and diamond pendant from Tivon Fine Jewellery, a ring from Fred E Ullmann and a stunning Art Deco style pendant from PJ Watson.



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