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How to make your e-commerce site shine online

We welcomed Connor Blakey, senior e-commerce consultant at CMJ approved supplier Visualsoft, to speak at our seminar programme at the recent Spring Trade Event. Here we summarise his insights and how you can maximise your online sales potential in the jewellery industry.

As the online jewellery and watch market in the UK is growing, luxury online sales are in decline as consumers feel the pinch of the cost of living. Overall online sales are now tracking at pre-Covid levels, with 64% of total sales in 2024 predicted to place offline and 36% online, according to Statista Market Insights.

But with more growth comes more competition, so standing out online is more important than ever.

Visualsoft recommends using the Success Equation to measure online retail, which is the number of sessions x conversion rate x amount spent + lifetime value.

Lifetime value and focusing on how to bring a customer back to your online store is vital, as it is much more cost effective to convert a returning customer than attract a new one.

There are numerous ways you can keep in touch with a customer once they have bought from you, so that they come back to you in the future. It’s all about capturing the right data and GDPR consent so that you can stay at the forefront of their minds as a trusted and relevant retailer.

How do I encourage customers to buy on my website?

Some ways that Visualsoft suggested that retailers could appeal to customers and stand out in a crowded market were:

  • Give them a personalised experience
  • Support your website with on-brand social media content
  • Invest in paid search (PPC)
  • Offer delivery options
  • Ask for online reviews and customer ratings
  • Keep in touch via email and SMS marketing
  • Have checkout recovery for customers who abandon their baskets
  • Offer a range of payment methods

Addressing page speed is still hugely important. Over 70% of e-commerce traffic is now mobile, and Soasta reports that a delay of just two seconds can increase bounce rates by 103%.

What payment options should I offer on my website?

Today’s customer, especially with the current economic climate, will favour sites that offer buy now pay later (BNPL) options. By offering BNPL solutions such as that offered by CMJ supplier Clover, you can easily increase a customer’s average order value (AOV).

Those customers who expect a fast-loading website also expect retailers to offer express payment options rather than having to manually enter card details. Visualsoft reports a 37% improvement in conversion rates for those e-commerce sites offering solutions such as Apple Pay or PayPal at checkout.

What makes a good customer experience online?

A positive customer experience is founded on building trust and breaking down barriers – and quickly.

To ensure your customer is immediately engaged and senses authenticity from your site from the home page, consider including:

  • Your phone number as a click to call link for your mobile shoppers
  • A newsletter sign-up call to action, perhaps with a discount for signing up
  • A link to a customer review site to enforce customer confidence
  • Clarity from the home page on delivery options, costs and payment solutions

If you already sell online but aren’t sure why you’re not seeing a conversion in sales, then look over Visualsoft’s tips and see what simple changes you could make to your site to start making your website work for you – and to keep customers coming back to you over your competitors. Speed, ease of payment and authenticity and key.

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