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How to add incremental revenue to your business by offering jewellery insurance

Jewellery retailers can create an additional, valuable revenue stream by offering specialist jewellery insurance at the till. March Guard from specialist jewellery insurance broker TH March is a simple jewellery and watch insurance policy that provides consumers with wide cover for 30 days with limited exclu­sions at a competitive premium.

If a customer loses or damages their item, the retailer that sold the policy is guaranteed to handle the claim and if the claim is agreed, it also receives the repair and replacement business. This means customers continue to spend with you.

Not only does offering insurance policies in store generate additional revenue, it increases consumer confidence and strengthens relationships with your customers, establishing you firmly as a retailer to trust.

There are three versions of March Guard available:

  1. EPOS till version, enabling you to add insurance to their till as an option for all sales.
  2. “Add to Basket” – a jewellery insurance e-commerce solution for customers to add when shopping online.
  3. eMarch Guard – you can arrange the insurance online by logging into the dedicated website.

What are the benefits of March Guard insurance for retailers?

  • You receive 20% commission on all premiums paid.
  • TH March guarantees that all repairs and replacements will be arranged via you.
  • You can offer free insurance as a sales incentive rather than discounting the price of an item.
  • Customers leave your shop with their items safely covered. Remember, customers will return to YOU for repairs or replacement of those items.

In 2023, TH March received and processed 10,301 March Guard claims. 98.6% of these were agreed or pending to be agreed and 84% of the agreed claims with settled in full within two weeks. On average, each branch earned approximately £2,000 commission in 2023 commission – and remember that the claims are also settled in your store, so any replacement and repair revenue was generated on top of this amount.

What are the benefits for customers?

  • One single payment is required.
  • The item is covered from the moment you walk out of the store.
  • There is one simple claim form in the event of a loss occur­ring.
  • There is no excess to pay – all claims are settled in full up to the value insured.
  • They deal with you (and not an insurance company) for loss or damaged items.
  • A 14-day “cooling off” period during which insurance can be cancelled in full.

TH March also offers comprehensive training programmes to retailers, which is key to ensuring staff on the shopfloor feel confident in introducing insurance into the conversation. It also provides a range of marketing assets and point of sale material.

TH March was recently named as a top insurance employer in 2024.

For more information about March Guard, call 01822 699000 or email

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