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Wongs Jewellers is taking part in a charity skydive for Clatterbridge Cancer Charity UK

Wongs Jewellers Liverpool has announced participation in a charity skydive in aid of Clatterbridge Cancer Charity UK. The event will be taking place on the Sunday 11 of September 2022.

Wongs Jewellers has raised over £150,000 in the last few years for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and is committed to continuing to support local charities and make a real impact on the community.

The event is a unique way the Wongs Jewellers team can give back to the Charity after two of the long-standing team were sadly diagnosed with cancer. Jenifer Craige, 50, was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer four years ago and after lifesaving surgery and radiotherapy, she is now in remission. Tracy Mullen, 40 was diagnosed with breast cancer on New Year’s Eve 2020 and after a mastectomy and a long haul of chemotherapy, is now also in remission.

So far, 8 team members will be taking part in the 15,000ft jump. Jenifer Craige, who has organised the team’s involvement in the event says “the skydive is a wonderful way to give back and show support to a charity which has given to, and supported so many members of the Liverpool community- myself included – they saved my life.”

Wongs Jewellers, based in the heart of the city centre has close ties to Clatterbridge Cancer Charity UK. Wongs has collaborated with Clatterbridge previously when Jenifer Craige designed a range of pendants, titled ‘The Journey’ pendant, which Wongs then produced and sold in its Liverpool store. ‘The Journey’ pendant is symbolic of the twists and turns in life, the inner stone represents the wearer, the solid metal outer circle represents your support network – family, friends, loved ones. A portion of the proceeds are donated to Clatterbridge.

Danielle Carney, Corporate Partnerships Manager at The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity said: ‘We really appreciate the support of staff at Wongs and we’re so excited that they’re taking part in the skydive for us this year. They already do so much already for us as a company and we can’t thank them enough. So much of what the charity funds, is over and above what the NHS is able to provide and it’s through fundraising support like this that we’re able to make a positive impact at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and provide the necessary improvements, to enable our patients to have access to the very best in treatment and care.”

Cynthia Cartwright, Commercial Director at Wongs Jewellers, describes the collaboration as “a very special relationship, which Wongs are incredibly proud of. It is so important to us to not only show support for our team but also the very community in which we are based. The beauty of being an independent business is being able to be reactive and get involved in supporting our team in fun, unique ways.”

The Liverpool based jewellers has set up a Go Fund Me Page, it can be also accessed via the QR code below or the link:

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