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Get your foot in the door: top tips to increase footfall

According to Statista, due to the Covid-19 crisis and social distancing measures introduced by the government, retail footfall following March 2020 saw an unprecedented fall. But even before that, UK’s high streets were having a tough time. Since the reopening of shops post-pandemic, supporting local independent business has been on the rise, however here are some top tips to increase footfall in your store:

  • Have a head-turning window display
  • Run a local Facebook ad campaign
  • Collaborate with other local businesses
  • Produce a regular newsletter
  • Join local high street incentives
  • Run a google ad search campaign
  • Ask customers for online reviews
  • Plan an event
  • Set up google business profile
  • Launch an online loyalty programme

Now let’s take a look at some of them in more detail…

Create a head turning window display

Your window is a first impression, it is the face of your brand, and it is often overlooked. Maybe consider:

Who your target customer is – research suggests humans look at a window for less then 2 seconds, the goal of a window display is to stop a passer by in their tracks and to make sure your window is noticed.
Your products – the window display should tell a story, keep your story simple. If there is no story/theme, display your best products instead.
Your location – consider how it looks at different points of the day/night, what is the lighting like? What does the window look like when the shop is closed? Make sure that someone passing by will still notice your window.
The time of year – the window is a form of entertainment to decorate the high street. If the high street isn’t decorated there is no form of entertainment. Does your window entertain and please shoppers?
What is realistic to your budget.

Also consider whether your website visible in your window so potential shoppers can access your product out of hours. Maybe even consider a QR code for shoppers to scan which takes them straight to your website or a particular product.

Run a local Facebook ad campaign

Facebook ad campaigns are straightforward and affordable and have the following benefits:

– Targets customers on Facebook.
– Enables targeting by age, location, gender, interests and more.
– Use promote ‘your business locally’ ad.
– Increases footfall online as well as offline.

Collaborate with other local businesses

Think collaboration not competition! You could consider:

– Prioritising those with a similar consumer base to yours.
– How you can get in touch with those businesses.
– Discuss collaboration opportunities – flyers, Discounts, social media promotions

E.g. – A Jeweller and bridal shop or florist collaboration. Totally Locally is a free campaign that brings local businesses in a town together to work in a collaborative way with plenty of support and advice from towns that have already held successful campaigns. You can read more about collaborating with local businesses in this blog.

Produce a regular newsletter

Your newsletter can include anything you wish, as long as it’s engaging to your consumer. You could consider:

– 72% of consumers prefer email for newsletter communication.
– Know the goal of your newsletter – to drive footfall into store, maybe include a QR code which needs to be scanned at the till point.
– Design a template inline with your brand (templates are available via
– What your audience is getting from your newsletter.
– Ensure you are GDPR compliant.

Join local high street incentives

The local high street is stronger together. Consumers want to support local business so ensure you tap into it and make the most of it. You could consider:

– Connect with your local community.
– Join local directories.
– Contact your local Business Improvement District (BID).
– Participate in ‘shop local’ movements and utilise these to promote your business.
– Search online for opportunities – check out local publications also.
– Are there any local gift card schemes you can be involved with?
– Utilise free adverts and run positive free press releases.
– Are there any local sponsorship opportunities to promote your business?
– Produce an annual calendar of local activities, if there are gaps try and fill them by actively being present in your local area.

Have more tips that aren’t on this list? Comment below to share your success stories.

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