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Announcing the launch of the CMJ’s #LoveYourLocalJeweller campaign

By Frances Hopes, Head of Marketing, CMJ

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a members marketing campaign – #LoveYourLocalJeweller – to maximise the opportunities facing the group’s independent retail jewellers as the nation starts to come out of lockdown.

What we have seen in the news and in various reports – including in our own Retail Insights report published in March 2021 – is that there are reasons for jewellers to be positive about business as stores re-open.

A pent-up demand for bridal jewellery following so many postponed wedding days, combined with a desire for consumers to shop local and support small businesses, means that there are real opportunities and we want to help CMJ members seize on these.

In order to support our members, we have launched the #LoveYourLocalJeweller campaign, which we hope our retailers will get on board with by sharing the positive sentiment and hashtagging their posts to create a buzz about the independent jewellery industry. Our first step is to create free marketing materials and reopening social assets for all our members. We will be following this up with more positive messaging that highlights the unique benefits of choosing to shop with an independent retail jeweller – the expertise of the team and generations of knowledge.

Our next big focus will be on bridal messaging in late spring and summer, where we plan to work with suppliers and retailers to bring them together and maximise business opportunities through commercial promotions, supplier profiles and further consumer messaging for retailers to use in store.

Our #LoveYourLocalJeweller campaign will continue throughout the year.

This support is just one of the many benefits we offer as part of CMJ membership. If you are interested in finding out more and growing your business, get in touch for an informal chat.  

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