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Pursuit Partnership Fund commits £125,000 to help UK jewellery retailers in 2021

Leading EPoS software and solutions specialist, Pursuit, has committed to a £125,000 industry support fund to provide greater assistance to independent jewellery retailers wishing to update their systems and become more digitally savvy. 

The Pursuit Partnership Fund was created to support businesses ready to take the next step in EPoS and stock control technology but concerned about the financial implications of on-going COVID-19 restrictions. 

Through a simple online application, independent retailers could be eligible to access up to 70% of the value of Pursuit’s market-leading software packages: Lifestyle and Sonic. 

By accessing the Pursuit Partnership Fund now, independent retailers will have more to gain from the economic and business recovery to come when UK lockdown measures ease. 

Applications are open now and will remain open until 31 May 2021. 

In addition to securing funds to support software switchovers, retailers will have the option to connect a website and streamline their software and digital presence for maximum ecommerce effectiveness. The option of creating a transactional website from scratch is also available. 

The Pursuit Partnership Fund was established by Pursuit senior management as part of an on-going commitment to the jewellery sector and its beleaguered independent businesses. As a company, Pursuit believes there is a bright future ahead for the independent retailers who are able to adapt to change and capitalise on new opportunities. 

By engaging with the Pursuit Partnership Fund, retailers can discover the support they need to navigate these changes and come back stronger post-lockdown. 

Pursuit managing director, Mike Burns, says: “I feel strongly that now is the time to use our resources and offer retailers a meaningful and no-strings-attached opportunity to upgrade their software to reflect the changing nature of the high street. Without a fully integrated bricks-and-mortar and online presence, retailers are missing vital opportunities to make sales and stay afloat. We are ready to help and willing to put our money where our mouth is, so to speak.”

When applying for the Fund, Pursuit will assess which software solution is best for each retail business and will provide advice and guidance to make software transitions as easy as possible. The Pursuit team is also on-hand to ensure a smooth handover of data, including inventory and product listings. 

Pursuit sales manager, Peter Quinlan, adds: “The past 12 months have taught us that simply leading the way in technology isn’t enough… we need to innovate in the way we support our present and prospective customers and help them access solutions without adding to the financial worries of business owners. The Pursuit Partnership Fund is a new way of supporting the industry and helping everyone prepare for a brighter future.”

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