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Tivon Fine Jewellery celebrate 55th anniversary with collaboration

Gemset and fine jewellery specialists Tivon celebrates their 55th anniversary this year, and as part of this milestone the company have committed to evolve and raise the bar. With this in mind Tivon have teamed up with one of London’s most sought after creative florists – Russian born Natasha Van De Minkeles of ‘The Flower Fashion’.

Tivon and Natasha set out to create a truly unique and exclusive creation which was to be held as the most expensive floral bouquet creations in Europe. Combining Black Vanda Orchids, Piano Roses and other floral gems with an array of one-off gem-set creations by Tivon led to a spectacular creation worth around £257,000.

“As part of our anniversary celebrations, we released our Rose Petals Collection. We wanted to stay with the floral motif but make a massive statement and as such we sought out someone truly creative and who held the same ethos as we do i.e. Quality, Luxury & Rarity. Natasha was a natural fit. The idea is to offer the almost unobtainable to those HNW and UHNW clientele who seek out unique ideas and wish to create stories and events that are sure to wow.”


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