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Henryka expands ‘Mini Studs’ collection ahead of festive period

Jewellery brand Henryka have expanded their on-trend ‘Mini Studs’ earring collection ahead of the AW18 festive season.

Recognising the stacked stud earring trend earlier this year, Henryka sought to strengthen its existing silver ‘Mini Studs’ collection with new designs. Now the range offers more than 100 silver and gem-set silver stud earrings that can be mixed-and-matched up and down the ear for a contemporary look.

Highlights from the collection include the Miniature Elephant stud earrings, the Miniature Cat stud earrings and the Lotus Flower stud earrings, which also form part of the Zen collection. Prices for plain silver studs start at RRP £15 and rise to RRP £45 for more detailed and gemstone-set designs.

Henryka sales manager, Hollie Francis, commented: “We are very proud of the Henryka aesthetic, but we understand the need to be reactive to market trends and interpret them in our own unique way.

The Henryka ‘Mini Studs’ collection reflects our iconic designs and collections, while also tapping in to the huge asymmetric ear-stacking trend. We anticipate strong gifting and add-on sales for retailers as the festive shopping season kicks off in November.”

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