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Lucy Quartermaine announces the launch of the first collection from Qucy

Qucy Jewels, the new brand from award winning jewellery designer Lucy Quartermaine, announces the launch of a new collection.

Qucy, a sister brand to Lucy’s main collection, Lucy Quartermaine Jewellery, has launched the Tri Collection, exclusively available on the Qucy website. The 17 Sterling silver pieces in the Tri Collection, ranging from drop earrings to bracelets, pendants to studs all retail at under £100 and are designed to appeal to fashion conscious millennials looking for striking, quality jewellery at competitive prices. Many of the pieces are studded with sparkling white Topaz.

With its geometric design and angular look, this collection is very different from Lucy’s signature designs for the Lucy Quartermaine brand.

Commenting on the launch of the new Qucy collection, Lucy Quartermaine says: “This collection is totally
different to my usual collections. I loved designing these pieces as I felt so free! Whilst I love the organic forms of my Lucy Quartermaine collections, it was quite liberating to literally start from scratch.

My starting point was sparkle. I knew that I wanted to work with stones as I fancied a bit of bling but I also wanted to keep it simple, stylish and on trend. My main inspirations for this collection were my 14 and 11 year old daughters and their friends. They are so current when it comes to music, style and fashion and I always have them in the forefront of my mind when designing for Qucy. Together we came up with the concept of geometric shapes – this really resonated because of my love of Art Deco. With its angular corners, symmetry and geometric lines I knew that I could create something that would be easy to wear, affordable, practical and desirable.”

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