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Connoisseurs UK introduces world-first earring hygiene seal

Connoisseurs UK has announced that they will be offering the latest development from Aloxia, creators of revolutionary secure earring back LOX, for a world first in earring hygiene integrity – the LOX Hygiene Seal.

The new product works on both stud and hook type earrings and feature a unique patented seal that locks onto the earring post/wire. Once removed they cannot be refitted, providing evidence that the earring could have been worn.

Consumer contracts regulations stipulate that earrings cannot be exchanged due to hygiene law, unless proof is provided that the earrings have not been worn. LOX Hygiene Seals allow jewellers to offer a transparent returns policy and service. Now earrings can be exchanged providing the seal is intact and stores can avoid awkward conversations on the shop floor. This regulation also applies to online purchases where the end consumer believes they can return their earrings due to dislike, only to be disappointed and confused when this is not the case.

LOX Hygiene Seals give the end consumer comfort and trust that the earrings have not been previously worn, and then exchanged and cleaned, which could potentially bring the risk of infection.

Pre-orders are being accepted for a planned launch in early 2019, with prototypes currently in production. For more information contact or call 01223 828718.

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