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Hockley Mint unveils rebrand and plans for new website launch

Hockley Mint, a renowned jewellery manufacturer based in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, has announced an extensive rebranding initiative. Known for its exceptional British craftsmanship since 1953, Hockley Mint is revitalising its brand identity to further commit to British manufacturing and enhance customer experience through a new website launch.

The rebranding involves a new logo that uniquely combines the initials “H” and “M,” a precious gemstone, and the Union Jack, creating the ‘Union Jewel’ hallmark, which symbolises its British heritage and dedication to quality. Gary Wroe, managing director of Hockley Mint, articulates the company’s commitment to maintaining the rich heritage of UK craftsmanship while focusing on quality and innovation.

The new website is a focal point of the rebrand, offering a user-friendly interface with improved navigation, comprehensive product information, and enhanced digital tools. This site will facilitate seamless integration of Hockley Mint’s products into retailer websites, providing consumers with an effortless shopping experience.

Additionally, Hockley Mint’s diverse range of services – from bespoke jewellery design to advanced CAD and 3D printing technologies – will be prominently featured on the new site. These services highlight the company’s blend of traditional techniques and modern technological advancements to ensure top-quality craftsmanship.


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