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How to wow with visual merchandising

We recently spoke with Gill Segar, the creative director of iCatcha Design and Display, an approved supplier to the Company of Master Jewellers. She shared tips and advice on how our retailer members can better understand, plan and improve their window displays. Gill works in visual merchandising supporting lots of independent jewellers across the UK, offering both bespoke displays as well as mail order displays. To watch the full discussion, follow the link below.

What is visual merchandising?

Visual merchandising focuses on the presentation of your shop and brand specifically for your customers, including how your shop and jewellery is displayed. Initially, it is your window display that is going to stop and attract your customers, so you want to make sure it has the wow factor. There are several ways that you can do this:

  • Creating a seasonal display with props in your window.
  • Considering how your jewellery is presented and set out within your store; it should be beautifully cleaned, arranged, and clearly priced.
  • It is also important not to forget your basic housekeeping, such as clean glass and making sure all your lights are working.

The presentation of your store window and inside your store speaks volumes before your staff speaks to a customer.

What would your advice be for those getting started with those displays? Or for those with a small team?

If you are looking to do your first display window, finding inspiration for what you want to do is always a great place to start. Take a look at what other jewellers and retailers are doing, you could also search on Instagram and Pinterest. You can find window display inspiration from across the world simply by extending your search.
If you have a team, take some time to discuss ideas, choose someone to lead the project who is creative, do some research and put ideas and the display together.

How would you recommend planning window displays throughout the year?

Planning is incredibly important. It is important for window displays not to be a knee-jerk reaction. Gill recommends sitting down with your calendar at the beginning of the year and planning for a few dates across the year. These could include:

  • A spring or autumn display
  • Christmas
  • Local events or national events (see national events calendar here)

Start off with three to four display changes throughout the year. These can be smaller parts of your window or door display – you don’t always have to fill the full window. The purpose of smaller displays is to get your customers to notice, for example, that you’re offering jewellery and/ or watches for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day

Using your window displays to promote across your platforms.

Your window displays can be made up of many materials, from a backboard, printed material, imagery or even a colour. However intricate or simple your display is, an element of your display should be shared across your social media.
A great example of this is the way Wongs Jewellers in Liverpool used its Eurovision-themed window display. Wongs Jewellers had a large display outside and inside its store, utilising lots of media and features including a mirror ball. This mirror ball was used on Wongs Jewellers’ Instagram page highlighting the beauty of its diamond rings. Its Eurovision display was also represented across its website.
This creates a strong message for your customers, as many customers will already be looking on Instagram or online before see your window display.  Social media is such an important part of retail and should never be underestimated. Social media and your window display should seamlessly work together enforcing your business’ brand and identity. Sharing your brand is something that is extremely important.

What should you avoid when it comes to displays?

  1. Not using your window display or not changing your display. ‘’If you think that that’s going to attract customers, I think you’re going to struggle.’’ Gill shares how retailers have to work hard to get people over to the store window and into your store and how a display is really important for creating the wow factor to stop a passerby and draw them to your window. Try to see your store window through your customer’s eyes – does it look colourful and interesting? Are you drawn to this window?
  2. Do not overstock your window. Gill understands that jewellers have lots of jewellery and watches and are often led to overstocking their stock windows. Again, look at the jewellery in your store window – does it have structure? Or is it just a sea of stock? If the presentation is confusing to look at, potential customers will walk away. Instead, put thought into your display with space around each piece.

What are the current trends around window displays?

Gill shares that she has seen a trend for outside decoration. As touched on above, this could be a large floral decoration or a Christmas garland on your door. Naturally, there is concern about displays being pulled off the front of your shop but if you can find a way to do this in some way, it draws and creates an eye-catching display outside your door.

Thank you to Gill from iCatcha Display and Design, for joining us on our Instagram live. We will be revisiting window displays later in the year with the prime focus on Christmas. Please keep an eye on our social media platforms to see when this will be announced.
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