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Lucy Quartermaine

Lucy Quartermaine launches Melody collection

CMJ supplier and award-winning British designer, Lucy Quartermaine, has launched a new collection called Melody. Inspired by music and rhythm, the new silver collection offers the visual interpretation of the combination of sound and movement.

Reminiscent of piano keys, each piece represents the aura of sound by showing the delicate silver against the wearer’s skin.

Starting at £50, the collection includes two standout rings, two eye-catching pairs of studs, one bracelet as well as two classic pendant necklaces, and is finished with the collection heroes – the show-stopping Wind Chime Earrings and Large Key Necklace. Crafted from the finest Sterling Silver with Rhodium overlay to ensure the most exquisite shine, many of the pieces are also peppered with cubic zirconia for that added sparkle. 

A collection for those who love music and its deeper meanings, Melody can be worn individually to turn heads, or with multiple pieces from the collection to really cut through the noise. 

Designer Lucy Quartermaine comments on her inspiration for the collection: “These pieces are really special to me because they remind me of my childhood; I took a lot of passion and joy from playing the piano in my younger years. I have always thought music and sound work perfectly with jewellery, because of the noise it makes when you put it on and move in it – the melodic tinkling of metal, or the high-pitched crystal sound of gemstones. Melody is my interpretation of that, because for me jewellery has never been just a visual concept.” 

For more information and to see the full collection visit or contact Becky by email on or call 07807 225 672. Alternatively you can contact Amanda Ferrari on  or phone 07966 494 578.

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