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C W Sellors offers a luxurious countdown to Christmas with new advent calendar collection

British jewellers, C W Sellors, is launching a luxury advent calendar collection featuring the Chatsworth House box.

The countdown to 25 December is already one of anticipation and excitement, and C W Sellors has made 2021’s festive season even more exciting by offering a luxurious Christmas countdown with a new and exclusive advent calendar collection.

The collection offers six advent calendars, each with 24 boxes containing different contents and set at various price points. All of the jewellery inside has been handcrafted in the UK.

Three of the calendars are named after villages local to Chatsworth House. The Edensor and Beeley advent calendars feature several official designs launched for Chatsworth exhibitions, including House Style, Life Stories and Chatsworth Renewed. The third calendar, named after the village of Pilsley, is the entry-level box and includes some of C W Sellors’ most classic handcrafted jewellery designs.

The next three selection of advent calendars take their name from different veins of the local Blue John gemstone, for which C W Sellors has been handcrafting into fine jewellery for over 40 years. The Millers and Cliff Blue boxes feature some of the most luxurious jewellery pieces including pearl bracelets and pendants, exclusive Christmas-inspired pieces and of course, several Derbyshire Blue John designs.

The final and most luxury jewellery advent calendar is the C W Sellors Chatsworth Winnats Advent. This edition features a whole host of incredible jewellery designs and gifts including a selection of diamond pieces and the star of the show, the faberge 18ct white gold and Derbyshire Blue John limited edition pendant.

To find out more about C W Sellors Chatsworth Advent calendar, you can visit C W Sellors online at

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