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An exciting collaboration for 2021: Diamnet and Madestones

CMJ supplier Diamnet is proud to announce that, through a collaboration with another CMJ supplier Madestones of Antwerp, the service offered for laboratory grown diamonds can finally match that of its natural counterparts. To show its commitment to UK retailers and to mitigate the difficulty imposed by Brexit, Madestones have placed a huge stock in London with Diamnet.

The laboratory grown diamond market is poised to explode in the UK and all major laboratories have declared that 100% of 2021’s production has already been pre-ordered. While most of that will be consumed in the US, the UK remains on the precipice of breaking into the mainstream with most analysts sighting the UK as the next market to fully embrace laboratory grown diamonds.

Despite the Covid-19 challenges for the industry, Diamnet has managed to increase its business by over 40% with much of that increase coming from laboratory grown diamonds.

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