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Consultant Helen Dimmick to launch online jewellery training

Consultant Helen Dimmick will launch a series of free online training sessions aimed at supporting jewellery professionals through the current coronavirus-driven crisis.

Her first online session, entitled “#RainbowGems – Campaigns we can run as a community”, will take place at 11 am on Monday 6th April.

It will offer guidance to retailers on how to participate in a national social media campaign with the aim of engaging with jewellery customers.

Anyone interested in the webinar can register in advance at

Helen is the former interim Managing Director of the Company of Master Jewellers. She began her career as an auction house jewellery specialist, moving to Bentley and Skinner before progressing to a key management role at Tiffany & Co.  Helen also took over the award-winning high-street brand Green + Benz before becoming a consultant in 2018.

A fully integrated programme of weekly gemstones, sales, leadership and marketing themes will be announced as part of the online training programme.

Helen says: “I’m hugely excited to offer some practical and meaningful solutions to empower jewellery industry colleagues, moreover, provide hope and support to those we know are struggling with direction and strategies at this time.

“This initial campaign launch will actively generate strategic and practical content that everyone can get involved with and a plan to enhance appreciation and understanding of the role of jewellery at this time.”

Helen hopes that these initiatives will help businesses to “survive and thrive” through uncertain times.

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