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Women’s Jewellery Network announces new ambassador vacancies

The Women’s Jewellery Network (WJN) is entering an exciting phase in its development as it aims to become a major influence within the global jewellery trade. To facilitate this, the WJN are seeking a new cohort of Ambassadors who represent the trade and to drive the global growth of the organisation.

Commenting on the call for new Ambassadors, MD Victoria McKay said: “Jewellery is predominately worn by women and frankly, we want a bigger say in the way that the industry approaches and works with its target market. To do that, we require a variety of Ambassadors who represent a range of expertise and showcase diversity across the jewellery industry. The new cohort will join our established Ambassadors and collectively they will become the voice of WJN, shaping our conversations and progressing our agenda.”

New Ambassadors should demonstrate an authentic passion for jewellery and be in agreement with the WJN’s new Mission, Vision and Values (released in February 2019). Ambassadors are being sought for cities and regions across the UK, as well as in jewellery centres in cities and countries across the world including Antwerp, UAE, India and Israel.

The WJN are also seeking sector or expertise-specific Ambassadors including Health & Wellness, Legal, Digital & Web, Branding, Career Development, Diamonds – Natural & Lab Grown, Coloured Stones, Fairtrade Metals, Events, Distribution, Manufacturing, Assay, Laboratory & Metal Testing, Education, Omnichannel, Retail, Designer-maker, Fine Jewellery, Security, Insurance, Sustainability, Governance, Transparency, Technology, Fashion, Equipment, Photography and International Markets.

Victoria added: “This is a significant move for the WJN and a clear statement of intent. The changes made at the start of the year to the Board and structure were the foundations of our global ambitions. In order to lift as many women as possible, we need a strong and knowledgeable team of committed females. Their involvement will be more than a moniker; we will engage them at all levels of the organisations, utilising their expertise and building their profile as we build the organisation’s brand. We are seeking women who are either engaged community leaders or who aspire to become influencers within their region or specialism. This is also a fantastic opportunity for women in jewellery to bond together and to use our passion for the benefit of the entire sector.”

Whether you are an emerging designer, a CEO, a retail executive or carving your own path in the trade, the WJN is seeking Ambassadors who wish to help other women in the jewellery sector to rise. Anyone interested in joining the WJN global Ambassador family can apply at or email for more details. Keep up to date with WJN news @wj_net on Instagram and Twitter.

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