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Henryka diversifies its offering with new Designer Natural Gemstone Collection

British nature-inspired jewellery brand Henryka has launched its new Designer Natural Gemstone Collection for spring/summer 2019.

Having recognised a passion for unusual gemstones among its e-commerce and boutique customers, Henryka has chosen to expand its offer with silver pendants and rings set with un-treated, natural and hand-chosen gemstones.

The Designer Natural Gemstone Collection includes malachite and charoite, as well as moss, dendritic moss and Montana varieties of agate, and K2, butterfly wing, bumblebee, imperial and exotica varieties of jasper.

Pieces will be trialled online and in the brand’s Hereford boutique before being offered to retail partners across the UK and Ireland. Prices range from RRP £35 for the Small Teardrop Charoite necklace and RRP £40 for the Oval Imperial Jasper necklace, to RRP £85 for the Long Oval K2 Jasper ring and Large Rectangle Dendritic Moss Agate necklace.

In marketing materials, Henryka aligns the gemstones in its Designer Natural Gemstone Collection with their mythical, spiritual and gemmological properties, as well as focusing on the individual inclusions and patterns of each stone.

The new collection builds on the storytelling of the popular Natural Stones offer, which has been steadily expanded since 2018 to encompass the Striped Flint, Dalmatian Jasper and Blue Lace Agate capsule collections.

The Natural Stones and Designer Natural Gemstones collections fall under the umbrella of Shapes & Stones – one of the four core collections of the Henryka brand. The other three are Birds & Bees, All Creatures Great & Small and Botanics.

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