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StoneHawk is a leading provider of retail security training courses that empower staff to confidently respond to and significantly reduce business crime. Its methods leave outdated and stressful crime simulations behind and focus on tailored in-store training sessions that lay the foundations for daily preparedness and address the security challenges that are unique to your business.

Its training plans and consultancy services are designed by StoneHawk founder and former police officer, Simon Wilson, to build resilience, reinforce the confidence of your team and prioritise their peace of mind. As a leading voice in the national conversation around retail crime, StoneHawk offer up-to-the-minute advice that acknowledges criminal trends and deters thieves.

With its range of training courses, armed robbery prevention tactics and mental health awareness specialisms, StoneHawk provides luxury goods businesses with the tools they need to significantly lower the risk of crime, not only for themselves but for their industry peers.

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