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Factors to consider when using a utility management company

A utility management company helps businesses save significant time on admin while also providing a valuable service. This gives the business time to focus on maintaining better customer relationships and generating more income.

Here are several factors to consider when deciding whether to use a utility management company, with a focus on the benefits offered by such services:

  1. Total Independence for Best Value Contracts – A utility management company can ensure that clients receive the best value by searching and negotiating unbiased contracts tailored to their specific needs.
  2. Industry Expertise and Specialist Knowledge – These companies simplify the complexities of the energy market by leveraging specialist knowledge and extensive experience, making it easier for clients to navigate.
  3. Tailored Supply Contracts & Dedicated Account Management – They offer bespoke supply contracts and provide dedicated account management to ensure personalised service and attention to detail.
  4. Additional Services (Bill Validation & Energy Monitoring) – Additional services such as bill validation and energy usage tracking can help clients verify their bills and identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption. According to the Carbon Trust, these services can result in at least a 5% reduction in energy costs.
  5. Market Tracking – Utility management companies continuously monitor the energy markets throughout the day, keeping clients informed of any changes and ensuring they can act promptly when market conditions fluctuate.
  6. Comprehensive Utility Management – All utility requirements, from procurement to management to installation, are handled efficiently within a single organisation, streamlining processes for the client.
  7. Legislative Updates – Clients receive regular updates on new legislation relevant to their business, helping them stay compliant and prepared for any regulatory changes.
  8. Dedicated Direct Contacts – Having dedicated direct contacts for all services ensures clear communication and faster resolution of any issues or inquiries


One of our approved suppliers can help in this area. Full Power Utilities (FPU) is one of the longest standing established independent whole-of-market energy consultancy. Full Power caters to SME, mid-market and corporate businesses, offering comprehensive procurement services designed to secure competitive energy contracts.

“We have been working in partnership with the CMJ for many years, to help, advise and manage utility services on behalf of its members.” Jeff Topp, Head of IA Programme. If you are interested in receiving a free review of your utilities, or just to find out how they can help you, then visit or contact Jeff Topp on

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