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Diamnet launches enhanced platform

After seven years of successful diamond trading, CMJ approved supplier Diamnet has announced the launch of an enhanced version of its platform. Diamnet has completely revamped the platform’s code engine, resulting in a more user-friendly experience for diamond buyers worldwide. This upgrade reflects Diamnet’s dedication to providing a cutting-edge and seamless platform for its users.


What is new?

  • The new platform showcases a sleek design and improved functionality, featuring a contemporary and user-friendly interface. Whether you’re accessing it from your mobile device or desktop, the search process has been optimised for simplicity and efficiency.
  • An innovative logistics channel has been created to facilitate shipping between India and the UK, leading to decreased shipping expenses and improved delivery speed for customers.
  • Diamnet’s supplier network has undergone significant expansion, offering an impressive array of over 1.1 million listed diamonds. With a widespread network of suppliers across the globe, you can discover the ideal gemstone to meet your requirements.
  • Diamnet has broadened its diamond collection to encompass a greater variety of distinctive shapes and colours. Whether you seek radiant pinks or brilliant blues, the platform offers an extensive selection.
  • Diamnet prioritises sustainability by seeking diamonds from suppliers accredited for adhering to sustainable practises. This commitment currently applies to lab-grown suppliers, with the aspiration to extend it to natural diamond suppliers in the future. Diamnet simplifies the process of identifying sustainable diamonds.


Diamnet has listened to customer feedback regarding site speed and is pleased to announce that the platform now offers a seamless experience. Jewellers, designers, and diamond buyers are invited to explore the enhanced Diamnet, designed to make diamond sourcing effortless and rewarding.

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