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Supplier Spotlight – UNOde50

UNOde50 was launched with the original and exclusive philosophy of creating 50 of each design, giving rise to the brand name. Now, thanks to the success that it has achieved, production (and with it the Unode50 family) has increased, although the brand name remains unchanged as a reminder of how the quality and exclusivity of every piece remain its priority. We sat down with Sales Director UK and Ireland, Sarah Dunhill to find out more about their jewellery and rebrand

Can you give a brief background to UNOde50

UNOde50 is a jewellery brand which trusts its instincts without reservations. Designed and manufactured in Spain, our pieces unleash a spark in the people who wear them anywhere in the world. Driven by spontaneity, we take the liberty of being authentic and creating unique jewellery. For the indomitable. Those who know that being yourself is revolutionary. And those who are about to discover it.

What do you believe sets you apart from your competitors? 

UNOde50 is a brand that talks of today and connects with an attitude. It is a brand that values its product, which is the company’s soul, and we will do it differently. We go our own way without comparing ourselves to anyone, and we observe the trends to understand what is happening around us, but we don’t follow them. We always do what comes from our gut, from our instinct, and that’s how we present the product and our new brand identity. UNOde50 is a jewellery brand that trusts its instinct without reservations, and no other brand shares this positioning

What are your best-selling products/collections with independent retailers?

Our best sellers, the Meeting Point and Amarrado, continue to exceed expectations, and we’re excited to see a significant increase in sales of our gold pieces. Our new Youthful collection has already become a best seller this year.

You have recently rebranded, why was this decision made?

The decision came when we were thinking about the future of UNOde50. The brand has entered a phase of self-knowledge, an inner journey. In this exercise of authenticity and reflection, we wanted to recover our essence, the one that characterized us in the 90s, reconnect with that attitude and bring it to the present to make those who still do not know it fall in love with it and continue to captivate our most loyal customers.

What will this new rebrand offer to your customers and what is your new target market with this rebrand? 

Our rebranding has been done carefully and professionally, respecting the brand’s identity and history and always keeping our customers in mind. They are the ones who have guided and encouraged us to continue evolving without ignoring our legacy. In that evolution, we understood (together) that we had to bring the brand back to the present and reinterpret it to make it relevant and current.

UNOde50 connects with all types of people, no matter where they come from, what socioeconomic level they have, or which gender or culture they have; we want to connect with an attitude. It’s a brave and daring attitude, a spontaneous, natural attitude, and that attitude will resonate with all generations, including Generation Z.

UNOde50 is built on a distinctive product that does not turn its back on trends but is not obsessed with them. A versatile product since we have a broad portfolio so every consumer can find their perfect jewellery or gift. And this is what this generation that seeks to project its own identity through its fashion values very much.

What jewellery trends do you see on the horizon?

We do not follow or predict trends but prefer to empower people by encouraging their self-expression. We invite consumers to create their own fashions, be natural, and trust their instincts.

What sorts of retailer partners are you looking to work with? 

We want to work with partners who share the same philosophy and values as we do.

What do you have planned for the next 12 months?

In 2024, we are immersed in rebranding to modernize the brand while respecting and adapting our essence to the new times and reaching younger audiences such as Generation Z.

We are committed to nurturing and expanding our relationships with our current clients in the UK. Additionally, we aim to broaden our market presence by engaging with partners who share our forward-looking vision.

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