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The role of AI – Will it help my business?

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow in popularity and is starting to become a staple in our daily lives. From news articles and social media to blogs and chatbots, AI is changing the way of marketing for businesses.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a way for computers to mimic human thinking. It uses certain rules, known as algorithms, which allow the computer to learn from data – a process known as machine learning. This way, the computer can do things usually done by humans like recognising faces or suggesting wording to use. By using a lot of data and spotting patterns within it, these computers can become better and better at these tasks.

Five benefits of using AI

  1. It saves time – AI makes the process of writing content quicker, so can increase productivity and more content can be made.
  2. It helps with ideas – If you are stuck for ideas for a marketing campaign, AI can help. Whether you are looking for topics to write about, new keywords or how to best reach your target audience it can help with ideas you may have not come up with.
  3. It refines headlines and titles – By analysing previous data from your target audience, AI can advise on a title/headline that will hook your target audience and encourage them to engage with the campaign and content.
  4. SEO – AI can optimise your content for search engines (Search Engine Optimisation). It can analyse content, such as blogs, to make them more search engine friendly. The more friendly they are, the higher that content will rank in search engines, e.g. Google.
  5. Data analysis – AI can identify patterns and trends for you. Looking at data can be time consuming, but AI can quickly analyse data and see what marketing patterns would work for a business. This can help you make marketing decisions that lead to more effective campaigns.

Why do I need to check AI?

It is no problem to use AI to help with your marketing, but AI does still need a human to check its work. They are little brain boxes that are trained on specific sets of information to create and predict things. Depending on the information given to it, the system may not have enough information to give you accurate results. This is why it is important to give AI as many of the correct prompts and information as possible. Also, AI can sound like a robot (because it is one) so a human read through is always required to add some personality!

We are always here to help with any marketing queries, including how you can use the marketing tool, AI, to enhance your marketing. One of our digital suppliers, Maybe*, has a market-leading AI tool and all CMJ retailer members are eligible for a free Maybe* Lite account. Contact us on for more information or for a free business health check.

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