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Jewellery valuations – an invaluable in-store service

As bricks-and-mortar independent retailers continue to strive to offer a service in store that is not easily replicated online, offering jewellery and watch valuations is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and lay the foundations for a loyal and trusted relationship with your customers.

The Guild of Valuers & Jewellers (GVJ), an approved service supplier to the Company of Master Jewellers, has recently relaunched its website, making it simple for retailers to find out more about training and valuation information.

At the heart of the Guild is its bespoke valuation software GuildPro. The concept was born in 1990 and has evolved to become the UK’s leading valuation software tool for expert jewellery valuers.

The GVJ is offering all Company of Master Jewellers retailer members a free trial of its GuildPro software, including five free credits. This enables them to generate five valuations containing up to 30 items in each.

Who is the GVJ?

The GVJ is the UK’s leading specialist in professional jewellery, watch and silverware valuation and registration services. Its team of guild valuers are industry-leading professionals that hold various and multiple recognised trade qualifications, including FGA & DGA, membership of the Institute of Registered Valuers (IRV) and the Jewellery Valuers Association (JVA).

The GVJ offers a range of services to cater for retailers’ needs, including a fast and secure direct valuation service, in-house valuation events across the country, and a bespoke home or bank valuation service.

How can the GVJ help my business?

The GVJ delivers a total valuation solution through an extensive network of professional jewellers and valuers across the UK, offering its first-class valuation services directly through your store. Its services can be tailored to your specific business needs, including:

Direct Valuations

Its valuation centre in Bath operates a standard ten working day turnaround, as well as a fast-track or same-day service by request.

Valuations can be branded to your business as part of its complimentary package, including personalised header templates and company logos. Your customer will then receive their beautifully presented appraisal, with the assurance that their items have been valued to the highest industry standards.

In-house Valuations

Its in-house valuation service is perfect for customers who do not wish to have their goods sent away. A guild valuer will visit your store on an organised date and complete your customer valuations onsite.

Customers are asked to drop off their items prior to the event and are ready to collect at the end of the day. In most instances your client’s valuation will be completed that day and emailed to you in store. Should further research be necessary, the valuation is sent on to you after the event.

Home, Office and Bank Valuations

The GVJ’s home valuation service is ideal for clients with large collections of jewellery, or particularly valuable pieces. Valuations can be referred to the GVJ, who will handle the arrangement directly with your client on your behalf. It will arrange for a guild valuer to attend your client’s premises to carry out the valuation; your store will receive a referral fee for any completed recommendations.

What is GuildPro valuation software and how can I use it for valuations?

If you or a member of staff have the skill set to carry out valuations, the GVJ offers a professional online valuation software package for you to carry out your own in-house valuation service. GuildPro has been designed by valuers for valuers. It makes the most of your valuing expertise, enhances your business potential and enables you to produce comprehensive valuations with ease.

It is an online valuation software with a slick user interface, making in the most effective tool to deliver an exceptional valuation service to your customers.

The benefits of using GuildPro software include:

  • Fresh, innovative valuation software
  • Flexible, easy-to-use, intuitive worksheets
  • Customisable descriptions
  • Real-time metal and exchange rates
  • Integrated stone calculations
  • Automated upgrades
  • Inclusive technical support
  • Secure registration to e-register
  • Consistent professional valuations
  • Supportive network of expert valuers

Each GuildPro valuation is registered to a secure online database e-register. The valuations are registered using unique reference numbers and orphaned data, ensuring watertight security between your customers and their valuation. Insurance companies and brokers can access the database, enabling them to set premiums or settle a claim with ease.

The secure e-register database currently holds in excess of £2.7bn worth of items, with over 334,000 customers protected.

There is more information about how to become a guild valuer on the GVJ website. If you are a Company of Master Jewellers retailer and are interested in finding out more about the free trial, please contact us on

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