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David Hartley

Hayes & Lake appoints David Hartley as head of sales

Hayes & Lake, the new laboratory grown diamond brand launched by Diamnet, has appointed David Hartley, ex Hearts on Fire, as its new Head of Sales.

Howard Levine commented, “For Hayes & Lake, we were looking for someone well known to the trade and David’s 25 years in the industry and especially his work with Hearts on Fire, made him the perfect person.

“It didn’t take long for David to grasp the advantages a retailer has when presenting laboratory grown diamonds in a top quality product with all the collateral of a top end brand.”

David’s jump from natural mined diamonds to laboratory grown diamonds shows the way for all retailers as Hayes & Lake brings real quality, at price points that make selling larger diamonds, a realistic prospect for more retailers. With Hayes & Lake, laboratory grown diamonds can sit side by side with natural mined diamonds in a retail shop, giving the consumer more choice.

David said, “Laboratory grown diamonds are a new, exciting, disruptive area of our industry, one which I embrace as part of my love of all things diamond. When Howard Levine asked me to head up sales for his new brand Hayes & Lake, I jumped at the chance. Hayes & Lake have created a turnkey solution for the retail of laboratory grown diamonds with not only the ultimate core product range, created in the UK, but also all the display and packaging you would expect with a high end brand.”

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Hayes and Lake at CMJ

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