Ntinga and Hockley Mint create ring to raise money for CMJ’s Ukraine Appeal

CMJ suppliers Ntinga and Hockley Mint have manufactured a unique ring to raise money for the CMJ’s Ukraine Appeal. The ring is the prize of a raffle competition that will feature at the CMJ Spring Trade Event on the 13 and 14 March.

The ring boasts a Hockley Mint platinum mount and Ntinga fine yellow sapphire oval centre and two royal blue ceylon sapphires (RRP approximately £5,000).

Members of the trade and public are encouraged to enter the competition by texting 60163 with UKRAINE and your FULL NAME and donate £25 on the JustGiving page. The competition will run from 11-18 March. All proceeds will go towards the CMJ’s Ukraine Appeal which supports the British Red Cross in helping the people of Ukraine. The fundraising amount has already exceeded £29,000.