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ICatcha’s top tips for a perfect Christmas window display🎄

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s that wonderful time of year again to dress your windows for the festive season. We spoke to Gill Segar from CMJ supplier iCatcha to get her top tips on how to ‘wow’ with your Christmas displays this year. 

Where would a retailer start with dressing a Christmas display window and where can they find inspiration?

When planning a seasonal window display, it’s wise to start some weeks in advance, researching trends in the market and seasonal displays to get a flavour of what works and what’s currently drawing people into stores.

Inspiration for displays can be found everywhere, observing the current market, attending trade fairs, magazines and of course sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are all great sources of inspiration.

What is the next step in planning a Christmas window display?

The next thing to do when planning a Christmas display is to choose a theme, this can be based on an element of Christmas, then look at different ways of presenting that idea. Think about what materials or colours it can be made from and how that can be presented in a window.  

A retailer can start by sketching out ideas to see how they will work in the given space. Sometimes it can be difficult to describe what you have in mind for your display, but a drawing can bring the idea to life.

What makes a special and successful Christmas window display?

I find the most successful window displays are created in layers, so I use a printed vinyl on the window, with a matching prop within the display, and then a backdrop or backboard which gives a 3D effect adding depth and interest to the window. Maybe include a short line of text or a caption to tie the display theme together.

Colour plays an important part in creating a powerful window display, especially at Christmas time when strong colours such as red and gold can be used to give impact. It is also important to take into consideration any branding, maybe choosing corporate colours and work within brand guidelines. Adding some packaging introduces branding into the display and creates a ready-made prop.

The jewellery in the window is ultimately the ‘star of the show’ so if you have a window that is ‘free dressed’, there are certain guidelines to follow. Firstly, creating a focal point with a ‘wow’ piece of jewellery displayed on a bust or something similar. Then proceed to dress the rest of the jewellery in a pyramid shape, keeping within the imaginary guidelines of the pyramid. Space around the jewellery is crucial to the overall look as it helps focus on the product. Don’t be afraid to leave some jewellery out of the window, the adage “less is more” definitely applies.

Once the retailer has decided on their Christmas window, what would your top tips be for external decorations?

Maybe consider decorating the outside of the shop with Christmas garlands and lights framing the window or the doorway. Alternatively, a beautifully decorated tree positioned at the main entrance can give an instantly inviting appeal.

Do you have any other top tips to create that special festive feel?

Once a theme has been chosen, extend the idea to every area of visual presentation including the showroom, social media posts and events. This will create a strong message linking all visual platforms and make a lasting memory for the customers.

If you combine some or all elements mentioned above, you can create a display that delivers the WOW factor, literally stopping your customers in their tracks to come and look what products you have for sale and then motivate them in store to make a purchase.

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