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Black Friday: 5 top tips for social media 🖤

Black Friday will take place on 26 November 2021 and has become one of the most anticipated shopping days of the year. It is an American tradition following the day of Thanksgiving but in recent years, this tradition has been adopted worldwide.

According to the CMJ’s Industry Insights Report in November 2020, which focused on the Multiples’ activity, all of the multiples launched Black Friday deals, offering consumers up to 50% off jewellery and watches.

Black Friday can be a great way to clear old stock or to offer a discount on an introductory collection. Launching your Black Friday deals on your social media and website is a great way to reach your existing and potential customers. Stuck for ideas? Here are some top tips for your social media and website:

Use a social media countdown

Create a sense of urgency to make consumers feel that if they don’t take advantage of the offer now, they might miss out. This has proven to be a strong sales tactic, and having a countdown alongside an offer could be the perfect trick to more online sales this Black Friday.

Utilise Instagram shops from inspirational photos to make purchasing easier

It is no secret that customers like to purchase quickly as easily, and using shopping links on your Instagram could do just that. On Black Friday, more people than ever will be browsing online to see what is on offer, so make it easy for your customers to click on a link to take them from your social media to the product they want to purchase on your website.

According to Nosto, “a recent study found that 71% of people would be more likely to buy from an online store if it made it easy to click-to-buy an item directly from an inspirational image. Furthermore, 79% of people say user-generated content highly impacts their purchasing decisions.” Therefore using inspirational images on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook with integrated shopping tags could make your Black Friday an e-commerce success.

Run competitions

Running competitions is a great way to build brand awareness, increase your following and engage with your customers. You can do this by instructing people to comment on and share your posts for a chance to win the competition which in turn will get your brand name out there. However, make sure you are clear on what content you want your followers to be sharing and what they are in for a chance of winning.

Use emotion in your posts

Social media optimisation platform, SocialFlow, conducted a study of 1.6 million organic posts on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and found that the 10 emotions that work best on social media are:

– Amusement
– Pleasure
– Interest
– Joy
– Surprise
– Hope
– Happiness
– Affection
– Delight
– Inspiration

Jewellery is an emotional item to gift and therefore embedding these emotions into your social media content might be what attracts attention this Black Friday. Who knows, your posts may go viral.

Use freebies when customers spend over qualifying amount to encourage higher purchase values

More and more companies are offering discounts or freebies when a customer spends over a certain amount, playing on the psychology of purchasing. It encourages the consumer to spend more money so that they qualify for the freebie and they feel as if they have received a greater value for money. Offer your customers a free watch winder, a free silver cleaning kit or a jewellery box if they spend over a certain amount and see whether this increases the value on orders placed.

We have also created some free Black Friday POS for you to use on your social media platforms. Keep an eye on your inbox, the download link will be coming soon.

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