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10 by 10 with Sam Osborn

We take 10 minutes out of Sam’s day to find out more about her through 10 quickfire questions:

Describe yourself in three words. 
Spirited, brave, thoughtful. 

What do you do at the CMJ and how long have you worked there? 
I have worked at the CMJ since October 2014. I was initially employed as the Retail Membership Support Officer but the role very quickly adapted to working on Trade Events, regional events and Growth and Learning Network meetings.

I have been in my current role as Membership Manager to the retailers and suppliers since April 2021, a role in which I am enjoying very much. I didn’t get the opportunity to be as involved with the CMJ’s suppliers as I was retailers in my previous role, so I am now benefiting from getting to know more of our suppliers and understanding their business and services a lot more. 

What experience led you to being in the role you are in now?
I believe two previous roles led me to this job. I used to work for an events company which organised events abroad for various industries such as the hospitality and interior design industry. My role was to bring purchasing executives and suppliers together to do business over an event with fixed 1 on 1 appointments.

The second role was an Account Manager for a small engineering/water treatment company, not as glamorous as jewellery, but I gained knowledge on looking after customers, contracts, maintaining healthy business relationships and understanding the financial side of business a bit more. 

What do you like most about your job?
I really like supporting and going over and above for our members, seeing a lot of hard work and dedication pay off is very rewarding, not just for me but for all involved. I am also enjoying seeing more positive relationships generally between the CMJ and its members. 

What’s been your most memorable moment since working at the CMJ?
This is a hard question to answer! There have been quite a few, there’s never a dull moment at CMJ, that is for sure! I have never ever forgotten my first Trade Event in February 2015. The hard work and hours that the team at head office put to organising a Trade Event is unimaginable. The detail, organisation and desire to keep all the retailers and suppliers happy is like organising your own wedding.

What do you enjoy most about working in the jewellery industry?
The people of course and also learning something new all the time, whether that’s about new product or new fashion trends. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I actually really like walking, not turned into a rambler just yet, but I like being outside in the countryside. Of course having my son Leo gives me lots of excuses to do lots of fun things again – love a trampoline park, swimming pool and a soft play.

What was the last book you read?
The Testaments by Margaret Attwood. If anyone has watched Handmaid’s Tale – Just WOW! 

Who is your inspiration?
My mum, everyone says that but I have my own personal reasons for that, she keeps me strong, determined, and is always there to make sure I don’t lose myself on the way. 

Who would be your three dream dinner party guests?
Freddie Mercury, Princess Diana and David Attenborough. Fran wants Louis Theroux at her party so I’ll try and get an invite to that!

Thank you for reading more about Sam, keep your eyes peeled for the next member of our ECOM team.

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