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July birthstone – ruby

Ruby heart pendant necklace, Forum Jewellers.

July is underway and those summer birthdays have commenced. This month’s birthstone is the beautiful ruby. Ruby is a deep red precious stone that is not only used to gift to those born in July, but also used to gift to those who are celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary.

Rubies symbolise love, passion and success.

Rubies have been said to have many mystical properties and is commonly associated with the sun – very fitting for our summer birthdays – and a stone that protects the wearer’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Now that we are able to go out and celebrate once again and freedom is finally on the horizon, rubies may be the popular birthday or anniversary gift this July, especially for those that has to miss last year’s celebrations. Above is a gorgeous heart pendant necklace at Forum Jewellers and below is a stunning ruby ring at Peplows Jewellers.

Ruby ring, Peplow Jewellers.

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