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Pursuit Partnership Fund pledges £106k to independent retailers

EPoS software and solutions specialist Pursuit has extended the application deadline for its Pursuit Partnership Fund initiative after receiving dozens of applications and making £106,000 in grants available to retail business owners.

The Pursuit Partnership Fund was established by Pursuit senior management as part of an on-going commitment to the jewellery sector and its independent businesses. By applying online, independent retail businesses are eligible to receive up to 70% of the value of Pursuit’s market-leading software packages: Lifestyle and Sonic.

Since announcing the Fund in March 2021, Pursuit has formally offered grants from the £125,000 Fund to independent retail businesses, with the amount pledged now totalling £106,000 as of May 2021.

Of these grants, £39,260 has been accepted by business owners and they are now in the process of upgrading their bricks-and-mortar software, improving their digital solutions, and undergoing training with the Pursuit team.

Presuming all the grants offered to retailers are accepted, this leaves just £19,000 of the original £125,000 Pursuit Partnership Fund for other businesses in the trade to secure and take advantage of. With this in mind, Pursuit has extended the Fund application deadline for a final four weeks, with the official closing date now 30 June 2021.

Pursuit managing director Mike Burns says: “As a company, we believe there is a bright future ahead for independent retailers who can adapt to change and capitalise on new opportunities. Based on the number of applications received, we have been able to write to 22 independent retail businesses with an offer of a grant from the Pursuit Partnership Fund. In some cases, this covers 60% of the cost of installing and using the Pursuit Software solution that is right for their business. We have extended the timeline of the Fund to give undecided business owners the chance to snap up the remaining grants.”

Pursuit sales manager Peter Quinlan adds: “We are now in the process of onboarding all those who have accepted grants from the Fund and welcoming them into the Pursuit fold. By engaging with the Pursuit Partnership Fund, retailers can discover the support they need to navigate changes in the retail landscape, specifically e-commerce and omni-channel sales. This has been a hugely exciting process for the team, and we are so pleased to welcome so many new customers.”

The Pursuit Partnership Fund was created to support businesses ready to take the next step in EPoS and stock control technology but concerned about the financial implications following a difficult 12 months of COVID-19 restrictions.

In addition to securing funds to support software switchovers, retailers will have the option to connect a website and streamline their software and digital presence for maximum ecommerce effectiveness. The option of creating a transactional website from scratch is also available.

When applying for the Fund, Pursuit will assess which software solution is best for each retail business and will provide advice and guidance to make software transitions as easy as possible. The Pursuit team is also on-hand to ensure a smooth handover of data, including inventory and product listings.

To apply for the Pursuit Partnership Fund, retailers will need to complete the online application form.

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