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Parify Group starts accepting cryptocurrency payments

CMJ supplier Parify Group has become one of the first worldwide lighting and shopfitting companies to embrace cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

Its customers can now chose to pay for lighting or shopfitting services by  BTC, Ethereum, USD Coin, Dai,  Bitcoin Cash or LTC.

Parify Group believes that Covid has brought forward the possibility of the cashless society, and with bank accounts seemingly more vulnerable to hacking and scammers, keeping funds safe with the use of a hardware ‘crypto wallet’ seems like the obvious choice of many tech savvy businesses and individuals.

Scot Walker of the Parify Group said: “With young entrepreneurs adopting the crypto currency en masse due to lack of faith in banks, it is an intelligent, strategic development for our businesses to accept it as a method of payment – it’s far easier to swim with the flow than against it.”

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is kept on a shared ledger called a blockchain. The blockchain cannot be altered, which means that funds and goods can be transferred trustfully. This increases transparency and reduces the possibility of fraud.

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