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Mark Milton launches new laboratory grown gemstones

After many years of successfully focussing only on natural gemstones in gold jewellery, CMJ supplier Mark Milton decided at the end of last year that it was the right time to expand its precious jewellery portfolio and introduce sets of impressive pieces using laboratory grown rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

Mark Milton was looking to complement its natural gemstone business by offering some beautiful larger pieces alongside its existing collections, that would not be affordable in natural stones. This has already generated lots of interest and new business.

Mark Milton is taking great care to clearly label and separate these sets in its offer and it is obvious from their large size and affordable price that this is destined for a different segment of the market. The supplier plans to set these colours alongside cubic zirconia or natural diamonds and currently has no plans to use laboratory grown diamonds. 

The Verneuil method is being used to create rubies and sapphires in blue and pink and the hydrothermal method for created emeralds.

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