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Using an influencer to promote your product

You may have heard the word ‘influencer’ being used more and more frequently when it comes to promoting products and services. Using influencers to market products is becoming increasingly popular in today’s digital and social media fuelled world. 

What is an influencer? 

An influencer is someone who is able to ‘influence’ purchasing decisions of others due to their status, knowledge or position with their audience or follower base. Those with a large Instagram following are often used to wear and promote products to reach a wider audience and influence those that look up to them. These can range from athletes and reality TV stars, to chefs and celebrities. 

What influencers should you use to promote your product?

Choosing your influencer will completely depend on the type of business and the size of business you are running. As an independent retailer, using local influencers might be more useful as your local customers will be able to relate much more. These influencers can be local:

  • celebrities
  • chefs
  • hairdressers
  • fashion influencers 
  • local influencers or celebs in the community 

How to find your influencer and what to do once you have found them:

To find your influencer, do need to do your research! You want to find the right one to represent you and your brand. Maybe try searching the hashtags you most commonly use and see which influencers are using those hashtags, this will show you have a shared passion in the jewellery or watch that you want to sell. Try looking at the other products and services that they endorse – does that align with your business? It will be better for you if the influencer is passionate about your product and you will get the best results if they are. 

Once you have found them, think about how you will ‘pay’ them. Will you pay them money to endorse your product or will you let them keep the product that they are endorsing? These are the questions that you need to discuss with them once you have found the right fit.

Let us know in the comments below if you have ever used an influencer and any tips you may have for those considering this way of marketing.

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