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January birthstone – garnet

Tudor Court garnet pendant by Clogau

Hello 2021 and Happy New Year to you all!

New year, new month, new birthstone. This month we are celebrating all of those born in January, with spotlight on the birthstone garnet. Garnet is both the traditional and the modern birthstone for January making it extra special.

Garnets can come in many colours including red, yellow or green, however red is the most popular colour and the one which represents January birthdays.

Garnet is an intense stone and is associated with the heart, blood and fire representing love and friendship.

We have a myriad of suppliers that offer gemstones in their portfolios, however two of our favourite garnet pieces is the Tudor Court garnet pendant from Clogau, and the garnet stone Bubbles ring by Amore.

Bubbles garnet ring by Amore

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