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Parify develops new home photography product for jewellers

Lighting and shopfitting specialist Parify Group is to launch a new portable Lightbox solution, which offers a compact, fully controlled lighting environment for jewellers to capture their products in the best light.

The Parify Lightbox comes equipped with the brand’s own performance LEDs, which are designed produce clean, even, shadow-less lighting. This makes it ideal for capturing small objects such as jewellery and watches, in focus, well-lit and free from distracting backgrounds, with minimal to no post-production.

Also included is a slowly rotating turntable, which allows for jewellers to produce videos of their gemstones with a classic sparkle effect, as often seen in retail displays and store windows.

Scot Walker, owner and founder of the Parify Group, said: “Lighting impacts how customers feel and how they think about a product, and plays a significant role in purchasing decisions. The Parify Lightbox brings our precision retail lighting to your at-home photography, making it an excellent tool for creating stunning social media shots, e-commerce product listings and marketing campaigns that engage customers and boost your sales.

“With many high street businesses being unable to open their high street stores, we recognise the need for jewellers to engage effectively with online channels to reach their customers. On social media, strong visuals play a critical role in encouraging interaction and relationship building through direct messages, comments, and stories. Our new lightbox is designed to help any jeweller achieve on-brand, professional-looking photography with ease – without leaving home.”

The Parify Lightbox is now available for pre-order, with flexible finance options offered.


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