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Monika Kamycka appointed as chair of British Society of Enamellers at Annual General Meeting 2019

Jewellery designer and Mona Pink founder, Monika Kamycka, has been appointed as Chair of The British Society of Enamellers’ at the trade organisation’s Annual General Meeting, by unanimous vote following her successful year as Vice-Chair.

Under Monika’s leadership the trade organisation has realised a number of notable achievements including an innovative and successful online exhibition, a full review of membership benefits, evaluation of website and social media platforms with renewed focus on member and follower engagement, improvements in terms and conditions – both online and offline, digitisation of the organisation’s finances, membership database review (with a view to digitise fully in 2019), streamlined membership application and joining process, and improved communication between the Committee and its membership.

The cumulative result of these activities has also driven significant increases in the Society’s membership in comparison to previous years. The Committee reported substantial cost savings realised through rationalisation of digital software and tools.

The BSOE also engaged members and non-members in a 3-month review of its mission and values in 2018. The new mission – To connect, inspire, support and promote the professional Enamelling community – was announced in December 2018 with new values (which also have the initials BSOE): Brilliance, Supportive, Open and Engaging.

Commenting on the last 12 months, Monika said: “It has been a really busy and eventful 12 months and we have another full year ahead. I am so pleased and proud of my Committee and the improvements that we have collectively driven through this organisation.

“We celebrate our 35th anniversary this year and we kicked off our celebrations with a champagne reception at IJL in 2018. I want to make sure that we are toasting both our heritage and more successes in 2019. So, my focus as Chair will now be on embedding our new mission and values, fully reviewing our governance, improving our digital interface with members and the public, and creating an operational strategy that will set the direction of travel for us all over the next four to five years.”

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