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Babette Wasserman launches eclectic AW18 men’s collection

Jewellery and cufflink designer Babette Wasserman has unveiled her latest collection of men’s cufflinks for the AW18 season.

The new collection comprises of pop art accessories, coin and antiques, reversible designs and evening wear.

For the art collection, Wasserman drew inspiration from the art world, ranging from lobsters and Pumpkins to iconic Balloon Dogs and not least to going Bananas with pop art accessories.

The Coin Cufflinks are made from antique silver British Three Pence piece coins that were in circulation in the UK between 1920 and 1941. Set into a rhodium plated base, some of these coins date back nearly 100 years.

Lastly, the evening wear Venetian cufflinks are hand set with Swarovski Crystals, with Jet-black stones featuring an edging of silver to give the 2-dimensional feel.

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